Pursue Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood


Are you a brave mama who is devoted to raising wholehearted children, and also know that you are here to make a bigger impact than you currently are in

the world?

Do you want to show your children that living a life with purpose, passion, joy, abundance and radical self-love is not only possible but unavoidable when you simply choose it!  Do you want to show them the kind of life you can create when you pursue your dreams?


Dearest Brave Mama,

You are a beautiful mother and I know you also crave a deeper soul connection, a more meaningful, dynamic and rich life that is intentionally guided and directed.

I see you… you are lonely and tired, you feel irritable and impatient. You lack passion and know that this slow suffering and playing small is the LAST thing you want to teach your children.

Somewhere along your motherhood journey you lost yourself and the longer that time passes, the more disconnected you feel.  You know that you need to take time for yourself; you need it for your sanity, but you fear that self-care = neglecting your child(ren).

You feel guilty for not being more grateful for the gifts and joys in your life, you feel guilty for not being more present with your children and your partner, you feel guilty for wanting more.  You feel all the guilt swallowing you up and stealing your joy.

I am here to tell you something: I have been there, and I have experienced the transformation first-hand!  You CAN be the courageous and loving mama you aspire to be AND a fearless woman playing bigger and pursuing her greater purpose.


My name is Hannah, I’m a fellow brave-hearted woman, just like you.  I know exactly how you feel!  I have been where you are at.

At 23, I met a man while traveling solo through Southeast Asia. We got pregnant a month and a half later. Two months after our daughter was born we had to move 3,000 miles from family and our community so he could provide for us.

He was gone 6 long days of every week, while I was home with our daughter. Although it was challenging, I eventually found a good rhythm, but then… I became pregnant again. 

I had lost myself in motherhood and depression struck me like a slow but powerful wave. Living in pajamas, I was isolated, idle and indifferent. I ached for a tribe and longed for connection; I was suffering, and I knew that something had to shift. 

It dawned on me that if I was to raise strong, directed, passionate and confident children I had to BE that, not just preach about it to them. 

My life had to be different; I had to show up, stand up, speak up and choose the direction of my life. Settling for a life that wasn’t full of joy was over.  

I had to lose myself in my hunt towards discovering my true north.  I had to let go of the woman I was before motherhood.  She was gone.  She no longer existed.

I was forced to redefine who I was and SURRENDER to all that motherhood placed before me so that I could uncover a broader heightened form of self. It opened me up to allow the woman I was called to become to move through to the surface.

I rose above all the challenges and began my journey into living my life with directed purpose, bravery, and dedication to standing completely in my power.

From this place of clarity, I uncovered my greater purpose beyond motherhood:

My mission and calling is to guide women back home to their divine, true nature by empowering them to redefine what motherhood looks like and live their life with more joy, passion, and self-love.  


I want you to consider something:

The only difference between you and I is that you have the opportunity to stop suffering and rapidly evolve into the life you dream of now.  

Rather than taking multiple years to get from constant struggle to a state of joy —just like it took me— you can begin to create your dream life in simply 10 weeks (or less) of working together.

How is this possible, you ask?

Well, if someone had a proven method for how they found success through the same problems that you face, would you pursue their guidance so that you could get to your desired state in a fraction of the time?

I have lived this too…. and through my trial and error, I have discovered do’s and don’t’s, effective systems and rhythms as well as developed a success blueprint to accelerate your path to the life you crave.  


«« • »»

Are you a brave woman or mother who is longing to find more purpose in your life?

«« • »»

Are you craving to deepen your connection to source and learn to live a life directed by your soul-calling?

«« • »»

Do you want to rid yourself of that belittling ‘mom-guilt’ and begin confidently taking care of your needs and desires?

«« • »»

Do you want to finally define what your core values are so that you can begin to operate from a place of deliberate intention and better rhythms for yourself and your family?

«« • »»

Do you want to gain perspective so you can determine which of the (hundreds of) ideas floating in your head is calling you so that you can start taking action NOW?

«« • »»


Then what are you waiting for, Mama? 

It is time to step up into your innate light, with your unique gifts and abilities, and to heed the calling of your soul!  

«« • »»

«« Words From Other Brave Mamas »»


“Hannah is a devoted mentor for mamas and one of the most incredible women I know. She has a beautiful heart and a real passion for helping anyone she meets. Her compassionate listening, genuine ability to connect, and grounded guidance make it easy to see why she is the perfect coach for mamas seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. 18159985_10155210416273554_90777766_o
If you are looking for someone to support you with finding greater joy, self-love, harmony, and fulfillment in motherhood, you must work with Hannah, her program is simply amazing!”

~Jessica Yarbrough, Mama of 1, San Diego, CA

‘Hannah is an incredible human being, first!! She is an amazing mother and inspiration for all Mommas… Hannah has a unique gift on perspective and a special way of helping other Mommas feel apart of a Tribe of Mommas all with the hope of18034061_10212569210605830_7282859638357872353_n creating comfort and community for women going through similar life experiences. She makes you realize women can really have it all. It truly is difficult to balance life being a girl, woman or mother. She helps mothers especially determine what “having it all” means to each one of us. As a career wife and mother of three, I am very blessed to have her in my life and to be apart of her Tribe.’

~Mariel Filippone, Mama of 3, San Diego, CA

‘It has been a joy to watch Hannah grow and rise up to become a powerhouse coach! She leads with her heart and finds joy in the journey18051773_10156062279851040_797130167_n. Hannah knows how to stay in the present moment and find the path that helps you discover and become your best self. She meets you where you’re at and helps guide you to the next level and the next and the next until you reach your goals. The world needs empowered, confident, and loving women who know how to rise up and stand in their power now more than ever, and Hannah is leading a movement toward that end.’

~Morgan Lawler Somers, Mama of 5, Springville, UT




Through joining me on this intimate journey inward to


you will learn:


Step 1:  Vision & Clarity-Dare to dream big again and create your vision for a brave unique life of your own design.

  • Get audacious with your goals and dream yourself into your ideal life rhythm
  • Let go of doubts, fears, self-limiting beliefs and current undesired realities and build a life map for your needs and wishes, big and small.
  • Identify what your personal and family core values are and learn how to make clear decisions from this ‘authenticity and integrity’ barometer.


Step 2: Home — Create rituals, rhythms & systems to streamline your family dynamic.

  • Learn how to cut through the chaos, create better family rhythms, and live your daily life with more focused quality time with your children.
  • Develop new systems and routines that will help you organize your time to optimize peace and productivity.
  • Ditch survival mode with tools to declutter your home, how to time block your days, and prioritize and execute your to-do list free from overwhelm.  


Step 3: Amour Propre — Self Love, Self Respect, Worthiness and Care of Self are the foundation to living the life you crave.

  • Learn how to identify the words and thoughts that do not serve you, manage challenging emotions so they no longer have a hold on you and let go of the limiting beliefs that distract you from pursuing your purpose.
  • Create baby step mantras and actions to upgrade the words you speak and thoughts you think so that you can celebrate your innate strengths and gifts as a woman and mother.
  • Learn to release fear and self-doubt that create the “not good enough” self-talk and get past the intense “mom guilt” that gets in the way of your dreams so you can gain confidence to make your impact.


Step 4: Spirituality — Gain necessary tools to develop inner trust & learn the fundamentals on living with peace amidst the chaos.  

  • Discover how to trust your inner ‘gut’, tap into your innate mama intuition and learn how to live a guided path towards joy, connection and abundance.
  • Learn tips, tools and practices to ground yourself, clear energy that doesn’t belong to you and create a mama & kid-proof meditation practice that you can fit into even the most crazy days.
  • Discover the power and practice of visualization and manifesting what you want. 


Step 5: Purpose Beyond Motherhood — Dig into your deeper soul calling and define, clarify and begin creating your life with your unique purpose beyond motherhood. 

  • Create a list of potential interests based on your unique gifts and determine what is in greatest alignment with the life you desire and your deeper soul calling.
  • Clarify your vision for how you will make your greater impact in the world and  map out your strategy for success by creating actionable goals to help you commit to your idea, overcome obstacles and start taking action NOW.
  • Be armed with a concise, strategic map that clearly illustrates how you will go from where you are to where you are destined to be.

What’s Included:

Ten Core Coaching Sessions (approximately 45 minutes)

We will meet face-to-face (via zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world) every week for 10 weeks where I will listen, support and guide you through the weekly focus topics.  I will hold space for you as you move through the successes (and set-backs) along your journey. 


Two Accountability Coaching Calls (approxiamtely 15 minutes)

At the end of the ‘core coaching’ we will have 2 follow-up sessions, 2 weeks and 4 weeks post completion of course to make sure you are staying on track and on task to creating your new dream life. 


Customized Resources, ‘Homework’, & Guidance

After each session you will be provided resources, assigned homework, and given a ‘hook list’ to raise you above your comfort zone, start moving your needle forward and get you into ACTION.


UNLIMITED Email Access

Our work together will provide radical transformation in your life when you do the work.  As in any trasformation; challenges, old stories, roadblocks (and more) often will surface to the top. My job is to hold space for you and help steer you back towards your true north.  It is important that you have free access to me when needed for support, questions and guidance so that we can optimize our time and you don’t get stuck when an obstacle comes up for you. 

Guided Meditations & Visualizations

Recieve lifetime access to guided meditations and resources to exercise this muscle at home and in your own time to help you hone your practice. These are tools that can fit into your full life with your children and passion in mind, without worry about them falling towards the wayside.

Personalized Success Blueprint to Catalyze Your Vision

Together, we will create a unique success map specifically designed for you and your purpose beyond motherhood.  This will be your blueprint to manifest exactly what you are wanting to create beyond our coaching together with a step-by-step guide to fulfill on these goals.  It will give you the confidence you need to know ‘what’s next?’ on your path towards success and continue our work out on your own!


You know this website didn’t just ‘show up’ on your screen at random, you were guided here for a bigger reason.  And you know exactly why, don’t you?!

Your soul is urging you to live bigger, live fuller, go deeper, and start THRIVING.  Can you feel the tug on your soul?

The time is NOW, you brave and courageous woman!  I understand and love you dearly and I am here to tell you to stop playing small, stop cutting your spirit off and start choosing to live your life with purpose today!

The very first step is saying YES to yourself and jumping into this journey with me with faith in your heart, curiosity in your mind, self-love coursing through your being and a whole lot of willingness…. to surrender to who you are so you can live into exactly the woman that you are ready to become!

I believe in you, mama.  I want to see you thrive.  I can’t wait to help guide you to discover the true north of your soul.  Let’s go dive in…. 


With abounding blessings,

Hannah B